Our reputation in asphalt has “taken off!”

The work that Fowler undertakes at Airports includes constructing and maintaining runways, taxiways, and aprons at airports. These paved surfaces are essential for the safe and efficient operation of airports, providing areas for aircraft takeoffs, landings, taxiing, and parking. Proper airport paving is crucial for ensuring the safety and integrity of airport operations.

Fowler dedicates its breadth of resources to related construction. Our asphalt application is renowned for being top-quality in content, smoothness, and thickness."

If you’re looking for prime work, our FOWLER crew can come in and Repair and Restore what is already there – or expand on existing runways. We’ll do everything, from adding the granular materials supplied by our top-end local quarries to rolling out the pavement to the required material standards.

Does your airport need site development as well? We can do that too. Any work required before the asphalt is placed, such as clearing, removing the vegetation, and getting the base in, can be tackled by team FOWLER.

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