Mentorship & Milestones

The Next Generation

FOWLER - Nov 30 - Trades and Tech

School Career Days & Job Fairs

Fowler is working with our local high schools, aiming to grow the trades locally. Part of that initiative is presenting at high schools and informing the students about careers, whether that's engineering, welding, mechanic positions, pipe fitters, machine operators, construction, paving, road maintenance or other similar industries.

Summer Student Program

"It was great bumping into Patrick O. at the Cambrian Career Fair in Sudbury! Patrick started with Fowler as a summer student and is growing his career. He is currently enrolled in the Truck and Coach Technician program!"



FOWLER - Nov 24 - Lyle Wallace - 35 years of service

Celebrating Dedication

The Fowler team had the absolute honour and privilege to recognize and celebrate one of Fowler's finest today!! Please join in congratulating Lyle Wallace as he celebrates 35 years of dedicated service with Fowler. Joining Lyle in this milestone moment is Gilles T., Art B. and Lyle's son, James!  Another great example of Fowler's growing generations of talent in the business!

Supporting Dreams and Ambitions

Riley Sewell proudly wears the Iron Ring!

Our Fowler family wishes to recognize and congratulate Riley on receiving his Professional Engineer, P.Eng (Mining Engineering) designation from  PEO (Professional Engineers Ontario).

Riley is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to learn from and be mentored by his fellow engineers and experts, Gilles Truchon and Larry Wilson, two instrumental people who helped empower him to obtain his designation. In addition, he's super thankful for all the support from all his colleagues, family, and friends who have stepped in and stepped up to help him through these past four years.

Riley is most proud of Fowler's initiatives and projects to improve the company's operations, reduce costs or emissions and implement forward-thinking and progressive technology, such as the Rosewarne Power upgrade project. Riley's motto captures it the best: "I simply want to be and do better than I did yesterday. That every day consists of little things, small opportunities for improvement, aiming to make today better than the day before. And that's how you make the greatest impact."

One day, Riley hopes to pass on the same fantastic experience he has received and mentor the next generation of engineers who walk into Fowler and work towards an incredible future with the company.

FOWLER - Dec 4 - Riley Sewell