Incident Response

Working for the Ministry. Accountable to the People.

Unfortunately (and statistically), accidents are bound to happen, and when help is needed, FOWLER shows up. In the event of an incident, we are called in by the OPP to manage the site – and if highway closure is required, we clear that for emergency response vehicles and personnel (such as police or paramedics).

…but we don’t stop there. When the people are made safe, we’re responsible for any post-incident clean- up and repair of plant damage. This includes electrical (lights that are knocked down), anything that affects the highway surface (shoulder, ditch, etc.), highway signs, overhead signs, overpasses, on ramps, off ramps, and more.

At FOWLER, we consider ourselves to be custodians of the highway. As a fireman shows up to a blaze, we arrive at the scene of an incident with a sense of profound urgency – and we take great pride in our responsibilities.

While we only “work” for “one client” – the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) – we hold ourselves firmly accountable to the public every day.

Our people know that when working on the highways, they represent FOWLER – and a trusted reputation built over 70 years. This (in addition to making roads safe for the people in their communities) is front and foremost in the minds of our team members.