Prescribed Maintenance

To everything, there is a season.

While much of what we do is reactionary (in response to incidents, winter storms, or damage from
natural events), our team members also have some prescribed “checklists” that will predictably arrive from season to season.

In the Winter, we’re laser-focused on snow removal and ensuring all asphalt stays safe and smooth for the public.

In the Spring and summer, we extend our attention past the asphalt to repair the damage wrought by Winter. These Prescribed Maintenance Activities include:

  • Sweeping all the highways to prepare for pavement marking.
  • Pavement marking (repainted every year)
  • Washing all bridges
  • Bridge inspection and making repair lists (FUN FACT: several hundred bridges are in our jurisdictions!
  • Ditch clean out (ditching), which includes cleaning sand and debris out of ditches
  • Shouldering (adding material to shoulders that have washed away to keep the asphalt in check)
  • Noxious weed control (from phragmites to Hogweed, FOWLER identifies it and gets rid of it)