Road & HWY Maintenance


Highway maintenance is the process of preserving, repairing, and enhancing the condition of roadways to ensure they remain safe and functional for the travelling public. Proper highway maintenance is essential to extend the lifespan of roads, reduce safety hazards, and minimize the need for costly reconstruction.

From Simcoe County to North Bay, FOWLER takes care of the predictable, planned
road/highway Maintenance that must be addressed each season, and we do not stop there. Did you know Highway Maintenance involves:

Operations include:

  • Winter plowing, salting, and sanding maintenance
  • Repair of guide rail
  • Shouldering
  • Brushing and ditching roadside mowing
  • Sign repairs
  • Roadkill and debris removal
  • Incident/accident response
  • Entrance culvert replacements
  • Beaver dam removals
  • Highway sweeping
  • Bridge washing
  • Overhead highway lighting repairs
  • Traffic signal maintenance
  • Pothole and edge drop repairs etc.

When a road situation arises, such as a sinkhole, we show up to tackle the challenge, and we won’t stop until it’s resolved so that our community members can get back to safely commuting as quickly as possible.

For example, in a sinkhole emergency, we:

  • Mobilize emergency traffic control
  • Mobilize qualified crew with an excavator to excavate the sinkhole
  • Determine the root cause
  • Propose and establish a long-term solution to prevent future reoccurrence
  • Repair and restore the sinkhole with appropriate materials.
  • Compact the material to ensure quality
  • Then, once it is back to final grade, we pave it all over.

This is just a tiny window into “a day in the life of FOWLER." The fact of the matter is that our infrastructure in Ontario is not made for rain we’re getting now, so FOWLER will be called on for sinkhole repairs, washed-out culverts, and other infrastructure-related improvements on an ongoing basis.