Roads & Highways

Not as “straight ahead” as it sounds!

"Roadwork" is a term that refers to the construction, repair, and maintenance activities conducted on roadways and highways. Roadwork encompasses a wide range of tasks and projects to build and maintain road infrastructure to ensure safe and efficient transportation. Here are some common aspects of roadwork:

  • Grade work including excavation and granular sub-base construction
  • Placement and compaction of granulars to predetermined grades
  • Asphalting
  • Surface Treatment (Tar and Chip)
  • Application of Granulars
  • Culvert installation and replacements
  • Building roads from scratch
  • Rehabilitation of existing roads
  • Ditch construction and cleanout
  • Placing curbs and sidewalks, where required
  • Shoulder Spreading
  • & much more.

FOWLER has the specialized equipment, industry insight, and seasoned experience to construct and maintain roads/highways well, as well as obtaining necessary permits

When you think “FOWLER,” we want you to think “Infallible Quality.” But we also want you to remember that when you see the FOWLER crew on your commute, you see community members working on the roads that our families, friends, and loved ones travel daily.

Around here, we take enormous pride in living, playing, and working in the same area codes. Our team loves the camaraderie, the challenge, and the feeling of driving on roads that they built themselves. Plus, knowing that you have made the lives of everyone commuting our road systems safer by widening, straightening, and addressing problem areas is a fantastic feeling. If you would like to work with FOWLER, visit our Careers page and “get on the road” to your next opportunity.