Civil Construction

Municipal must-haves

"Municipal civil construction, also known as municipal engineering or public works construction, involves designing, constructing, and maintaining infrastructure and facilities that serve the public within a municipality or local government jurisdiction. These projects are essential for the community's residents' well-being, safety, and quality of life.

FOWLER’s extensive civil construction experience in the Parry Sound, Muskoka, and Haliburton regions includes everything from building infrastructure to maintenance contracting. With every project, our primary objective is to make communities safe and strong.

We have a proven record of excellent constructing and maintaining infrastructure and facilities, providing value engineering and constructability reviews. These projects involve the construction of various structures and systems that provide essential services and improve the quality of life for municipalities and their residents. Our civil construction projects range from small-scale developments to large, complex

Pave & Build | That's the foundation of our business

Our civil construction strengths are diverse and proven. Our expertise ranges from site development to rock excavation, road and highway paving, sewer and watermain work to environmental response services. Fowler also offers a full range of commercial construction capabilities.