Snow Removal

Sub-Zero Heros

Have you ever been frustrated at being “stuck behind a plow?” We get it. When we’re late for work or excited to get to our destination, having limitations put on how fast we’d like to drive can be annoying. However, we must remember that our maintenance standards today are significantly higher than 20 years ago! And so, we strictly adhere to the optimal plowing speed, which is 60 km/hour. This is important for public safety, the truck's engineering, and ensuring we do a better than “good” job to keep you safe.

At FOWLER, snow removal is a commitment and a lifestyle, so our crew members feel important doing what they do. In that spirit, we empower prospective employees with everything they need for a successful snow removal career.

If you’re interested in joining our snow removal brigade, you should know that:

  • You will be mentored by an experienced operator for your training.
  • You will receive experience in all the relevant scenarios and be trained on all the different systems + equipment.
  • You’ll begin by operating a shoulder plow and work up to driving a plow on the 400.
  • When you start with us, a patroller will support you by letting you know what discharge material (sand or salt) you will use, changes in weather patterns, changes in highway conditions, where you need to go, and more.
  • You don’t have to come to us with a DZ license – we will pay for your training."

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