Trusted since 1949


FOWLER Construction is one of Ontario's leading road-building, aggregate-producing and highway maintenance companies operating throughout central and northern Ontario. Founded in 1949, with its main office in Bracebridge, Ontario, FOWLER owns and operates over 30 aggregate pits and quarries, three asphalt plants, and a comprehensive fleet of trucks and equipment to service our aggregate sites, construction projects, and highway maintenance operations.

We say “I AM FOWLER” because we are industry leaders in Infrastructure, Aggregates, and Maintenance. From civil and commercial construction to materials and quarry locations to meticulous maintenance of local roads and municipal highways – our strength has been proven over seven decades, from Simcoe County through Muskoka and up to North Bay.

Our projects include road construction and maintenance, water main and sewer installations, pump stations, rock drilling and blasting, grading, paving, structure work, and commercial site development. We provide services to many local municipalities, ministries of the Ontario government, and commercial and private developers.


FOWLER is extremely proud of the 70+ years of hard work, dedication and expertise we’ve put into expanding and improving Ontario’s transportation and infrastructure networks, all while fostering healthy communities.


FOWLER is home to 5,000 acres of nature’s best aggregate material to make your project “rock.” We genuinely stand behind and on our aggregate materials, knowing the quality of our product is ahead of the rest.


FOWLER understands and is proud to accept the awesome responsibility of ensuring the safety of the travelling public. Our road maintenance crews ensure the functionality and longevity of roads and highways.


At FOWLER, the axis we revolve around is our team. Our FOWLER foundations are deeply rooted in the historical dedication of our crew members, building a solid reputation around integrity and ingenuity.


FOWLER heavily emphasizes creating opportunities for all of our employees – not just to grow our business but to grow their careers, make them feel valued and enrich their lives within and outside of work.


FOWLER'S mandate is to deliver industry-leading service, and as members of your community, we take enormous pride in living, playing, and working in the same area codes as our customers and our projects.

TRUSTED and driven

What does it mean to be trusted for so long?

The result of being trusted for so many years has earned our company the identity of being confident, reliable, safe, and strong. These empowering attributes are woven into our work ethic and evident in all we accomplish.

We continue to build, uphold, and value the trust bestowed upon us by our communities, its residents, commercial and public stakeholders. Our leadership teams, management, and crews take great pride in the work we bring forth, the progressive technology we continually adapt and the role we play in bringing towns and cities into the future with progress and sustainability in mind.

Looking inward, the trust our team members place in us is paramount. The individuals who show up and get the job done - their trust in us allows us to continually take the FOWLER brand to new heights with an abundance of determination and confidence.

FOWLER's roster of 800+ is made up of an incredible array of people of all ages, backgrounds and skills. From newbie apprentices to those about to retire, we are incredibly fortunate to have so many individuals join us year after year and, in some cases, spend a life-long career with us -building roads and building families.