Rock solid service

Fowler is home to 5,000 acres of nature’s best aggregate material to make your project “rock.” We genuinely stand behind and on our aggregate materials, knowing the quality of our product is ahead of the rest. Our experts are always available to offer consumers game-changing advice and solutions!

Aggregates are fundamental in construction and are typically sourced from natural resources like crushed stone, sand, gravel, or recycled materials. They are the essential building blocks for various materials, such as concrete and asphalt. Their selection and use are based on the specific requirements of each project, including factors like strength, durability, cost, and environmental considerations. They are the primary components in various infrastructure projects, including roads, buildings, bridges, and more.

At FOWLER, we support a variety of sizes and types of customers and projects, from homeowners to contractors, construction to civil infrastructure, and we tailor our service approach to meet the requirements of each specific project – and we aim to exceed all expectations, both quality and service.


Fowler offers a wide variety of products for retail sale, from quarried granular to topsoil and mulch that can be picked up or delivered. Please note Fowler cannot load pickup trucks; only proper dump boxes or trailers are allowed.



Rosewarne Quarry & Asphalt Plant
McDougall Quarry & Asphalt Plant
Haliburton Quarry
Childs Quarry
Whites Quarry