Fowler Construction Company Limited (FCCL), is a full-service, highway maintenance contractor. We have been providing services to the Ministry of Transportation, Ontario (MTO) and local and regional municipalities for nearly 40 years of continuous operations. Our experience includes the successful transition and ongoing delivery of three Contractor Directed Maintenance Contracts (CDMCs) since 2018.

FCCL currently operates the CDMC for the Huntsville area (since May 2018), Simcoe area (since July 2021), and North Bay area (since June 2022), servicing 3,082 total equivalent two-lane kilometers with highway classifications ranging from freeway/urban highway to local highway. Our CDMC division operations are led by experts with years of experience and direct practical knowledge in developing and deploying effective, location-specific winter and summer maintenance strategies to meet the maintenance standards set out by the provincial highways program.

Custodians of communities

Fowler understands and is proud to accept the awesome responsibility of ensuring the safety of the traveling public. Our road maintenance crews ensure the safety, functionality, and longevity of roads and highways on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Their work is to preserve and repair road infrastructure to keep it in good condition for vehicles and pedestrians. FOWLER knows that proper road maintenance is essential for preventing accidents, reducing traffic congestion, and minimizing the overall cost of road infrastructure management.

Proper road maintenance requires coordination between government agencies, maintenance crews, and contractors. It is essential for ensuring the safety and reliability of road networks. The specific maintenance activities and schedules depend on factors such as climate, traffic volume, and the condition of the road. Regular and proactive maintenance can extend the lifespan of road infrastructure and save costs overall. Some of the routine maintenance activities you may witness our teams performing while on your travels include:

  • Pothole Repair, Crack Sealing and Filling, Resurfacing, Pavement Patching
  • Shoulder Maintenance, Drainage Maintenance
  • Vegetation Control, Snow and Ice Control
  • Signage and Road Markings
  • Bridge and Culvert Maintenance
  • Safety Systems Maintenance
  • Environmental Considerations, Utility Work
  • Regular Inspections, Emergency Repairs
  • Traffic Management

Highway Maintenance Coverage Map

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