Discover Fowler


At FOWLER, we have been serving our communities since 1949, and after 74 years, we have established our reputation as a name you can instantly recognize and immediately trust. Most people recognize FOWLER because they have seen our people and fleet “on the road.” From South Simcoe to North Bay, we can be spotted directing traffic at the scene of an accident to clear the way for paramedics, plowing away snow and ice, or fixing sinkholes on the 400-HWY series. We fulfill many roles – so everyone remembers us differently.

Around here, we take enormous pride in living, playing, and working in the same area codes. This means that when you see “FOWLER,” you see members of your community working on the roads that all our families, friends, and loved ones travel daily.

Our mandate is to deliver industry-leading service, and as members of your community, we put our hearts into everything we do."