Rolling Out Top Quality

"Paving of roads is a crucial aspect of civil engineering and construction involving roadways' design, preparation, and surfacing. Proper road paving ensures safe, durable, and smooth transportation infrastructure.

At FOWLER, we are pretty pumped about paving. Our asphalt operations are renowned for being top- quality in materials, smoothness, and thickness. Plus, we have the special equipment needed. Our material transfer vehicles (shuttle buggies) will disperse asphalt into our pavers – and then our pavers will lay down the asphalt to a predetermined thickness. We have various rollers, steel drums and pneumatics to compact it from there.

Sounds easy, but it is not - road paving is a complex process that brings together skilled engineering types, construction crews, and equipment. Proper construction and ongoing maintenance are essential to keep roads in good condition and ensure the safety and efficiency of transportation networks."